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The most inspiring College/University Prep Course (3 – 6 Month)

Develop academic, financial, and life-ready skills to be successful in college and beyond.

So you’ve decided you want to prepare yourself for collegiate success—or maybe you’re just thinking about it. That’s great! The Take Charge College Readiness course is designed to prepare you for the challenges and new responsibilities post-secondary education brings to students like you. The best thing you can do is apply what you learn in this course right away. If you do, you won’t find yourself scrambling to develop important skills that make academic and general success possible skills—you’ll already have them.

37 College-Readiness Discussions

College/University Success Formula

College will bring some new challenges, but you can navigate and overcome them with three things—

1.) A compelling reason to go.

2.) Solid academic skills.

3.) Effective life skills.

Who is this course for?

This course is delivered directly from FranklinCovey’s Global Learning Management System. Many university students and young people from around the world are attending this course at this time with you.

(1) This course is 80% online self-study and 20% live-discussion with FranklinCovey Myanmar’s facilitators. All the materials (Video Lessons and Books) are in English. Therefore, you have to be someone proficient in English. The discussions can be in Burmese or English.

(2) This course is for students who are in High School and going to attend University soon.

(3) This course is especially suited for those who might be planning to attend foreign universities.
(If you are in high school and you want to attend this course, please get in touch with us.)

Student Leadership Course Certificate

Use the certificate to add value to your résumé, college applications, and more!

FranklinCovey leadership courses give students an opportunity to master college, career, and life-readiness skills. Flexible course options allow content to be delivered in a full semester or during advisory periods. Once students complete the series of courses, they can be awarded a leadership certificate to showcase on their résumé, college applications, and more.

Award-Winning Leadership Content

FranklinCovey creates world-renowned content that helps people achieve results based on new paradigms and behaviors.

Throughout the high school leadership courses, FranklinCovey provides award-winning content, tools, methodology, training, and thought leadership, all based on a foundation of unshakeable principles and proven practices. You might recognize principles introduced in some of FranklinCovey’s bestselling books including The 4 Disciplines of ExecutionThe Speed of TrustThe 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, which has sold more than 25 million copies worldwide.

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